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I am beyond impressed with the service provided by Brittany. She is undoubtedly one of the best hairdressers I have encountered. Her attention to detail and skill in hair color and haircutting is consistently excellent. She takes the time to ensure that you receive the best treatment and never rushes through the process. I genuinely appreciate her dedication to her craft.

| Elma C. |

"Brittany Savin, a true hair master, genie, artist, magician, expert, etc… Brittany has been doing my hair on and off since she was in beauty school, I was lucky enough to have her do my hair when she traveled back to California from Tennessee, and now when she travels home from Washington. Brittany has always been amazing, she makes me feel Beautiful every time!!! Just tell her what you want and let her do her magic… if your not sure what you want, she has amazing style ideas, color ideas, and more. Thank you Brittany for all you do to accommodate your clients your time and magic is worth every dime and more."

| Stacey D. |

Brittany is terrific and the best hair stylist I’ve ever been to. Surprisingly, she asks as many detailed questions as necessary for her to understand what you’re thinking you would like done or how your hair should look when she’s finished. Even the smallest details like “do you ever wear your hair up?” And “what is most important to you in follow-up visits? Keeping highlights fresh or do you prefer making your money/appointments stretch? She nailed the look I was going for and she’s fun to chat with while she works. Brittany makes sure you feel like a million bucks when you leave—it’s her specialty.

| Deb L. |

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